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Experience the most lightweight, comfortable and natural looking extensions.

We are extension OBSESSED!

Why are we so in love with extensions? 

We know how it feels to have thinning and fine hair. After years and years...and years of wearing nearly every type of extension and method out there, this is by far the absolute safest and most comfortable method. Every one of our stylists uses ethically sourced and highest quality hair available in the industry.

We are so proud to bring this to New Paltz and the surrounding

Hudson Valley areas.

You have options!

Not sure where to start? That's okay and you are not alone. We offer several options for thin hair and hair loss. If you would like more information fill out the information in HERE so we can answer any questions and help guide you.

Our most popular method  is commonly referred to as hand tied hair extensions.

Hand tied, beaded and sew in specialists

 All of our "hand tied" services include hair color, custom color of the hair wefts, cut to blend, beautiful style and mini photo session.

Initial visits will range in price from $1500-$3500+

4-6 week tightening range from $750-$1600 +

We offer one, two, or three row applications which will depend on  your desires. Price ranges reflect differences in amount of rows, length and thickness. We always go over exact pricing in our consultations. Please fill out our application HERE to start the process and get a price quote. 

Part line and top of the head pieces 

We offer semi permanent applications that wear just like natural hair. Shower, swim and wake up with your new hair! These pieces can be used alone or paired with any of our other extension methods. 

Smart part (for the full part line) up to 16 inches of hair

Initial visit-$900

Reinstall $450 

Top of the head (for more coverage) up to 10 inches of hair

Initial visit- $1200

Reinstall- $500

Tape in Extensions

Our method is the only method in the industry approved and backed by the American hair loss association.

Rest assured knowing our removal process is a completely different experience than other brands which you may have experienced it the past. Not only will you notice how lightweight and breathable they are but also how small the tab portion is which makes the blend so much better.

Our tape in's are priced by "looks" and price range for different lengths. 

Basic Volume- $315-$450

Reinstall- $185

Full Volume-$485-$665

Reinstall $-275

Basic length- $700-$995


Length and Volume-$975-1500


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