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Our Story
Jem Hair Studio was founded in 2014 to create an exceptional salon experience right here in New Paltz, New York. We are a two time award winning Top 200 salon in the country. We have also been awarded as a waste warrior in the industry multiple times.
At JEM our full focus is on you and providing the best, most relaxing and enjoyable hair salon visit possible.
Come and get to know the JEM stylists below.

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Jaclyn Cosh - Proud owner, business educator, and mentor.
Cece Brill
Manager, Stylist and Extension Specialist

"I love working at JEM because we're a great team that treats each other like family. We're always growing and supporting each other in all we do. Education is something we all value so highly which is extremely important to me.

When I'm not at work you'll find me shopping or catching up on my favorite Netflix show. I always dedicate one day a week to do some self care; get my nails done, tan or go for a drive. On warmer days I also enjoy going for a walk or bike ride. Traveling is another favorite of mine, I'm always up for a tropical trip.

When you're in my chair you can expect a lot of education from me. I love teaching techniques or tips that can make their lives easier. You will also experience relaxation and leave feeling like the best version of yourself.

My specialties are extensions and blonde hair coloring. You can always count  on feeling incredible in a matter of minutes with a fresh set of hair extensions!" 

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Available: Tues- Sat
Meghan McCord

"I love working at JEM because education is high on the priority list and driven by a strong, organized leading force. I never feel like I cant lean on my teammates for help. I'm truly blessed.

When I'm not behind the chair I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. I mess them up quite a bit but that's how you learn....right? Summer is my season so I enjoy bike riding, roaming around flea markets and thrift shops. It puts me in an inspirational zone.

When a guest sits in my chair whether it be your first time or someone whose been with me 20 years (yes, I've been in the industry that long) they can expect a thorough consultation. We will go over everything from past, present and the future goals of your hair. Believe it or not consulting is one of my favorite things to do. It gives me energy, excitement and inspiration. My goal is to have you leaving the salon feeling like you can style and care for your new look. Oh and of course feeling like a million bucks.

I've never picked a specialty personally, I just let them happen naturally. So it turns out I like to do color correction, blondes and extensions...who doesn't want long dreamy hair in an hour?"

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Available: Tues-Fri

Jerianne Wagner

"I love working at JEM because we really are a team here. Coming from other salons and barber shops, I’ve never had coworkers who push me to be the best version of myself inside and out of the salon. It’s an environment of growth, learning and constantly improving and that is something I value. 

When I’m not at the salon you can catch me rearranging my living space. A hobby of mine that people don’t always expect is that I love cars, and car shows! Besides that I do my best to keep up with friends and family. 


In my chair you can always expect to feel at home. It’s critical to me that your needs are not only heard but addressed when it comes to your service and home care! Most importantly you can expect to be educated. Whether that be about a style, the service itself, or the products used. I feel it’s important to not only know what your needs are, but also why.


I specialize in balayage, vivid colors and extensions. My absolute favorite is when I can combine balayage with Vivid colors. Vivid colors bring excitement to any look. Whether it be a pop piece, or a full head of rainbows. What I LOVE about extensions- you can achieve both of these looks without applying any color to the head at all!"

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Available: Tues- Sat

Sarah Chanowitz

"I love working at JEM because we are a real team. We built each other up and support one another in everything we do, at work and outside of work. We empower each other to always be better in the industry by teaching new techniques and we keep education as our main priority.

My favorite things to do outside of work is to actually be outside. I enjoy riding my horse and sitting on the porch with my dogs. I also enjoy being creative when I can with any form of artistic medium I find interesting that day.

I want my guests to experience respect and comfortability when in my chair. I want you  to know you'll  be heard and together work towards your hair goals.  You can also expect to be educated on maintaining the health of your hair. You will also leave with an ability to recreate the styles you've been eager to achieve with your hair at home.

The way we can create dimension with balayage gives us endless possibilities for color and that's why its my specialty. I love to have my guests know there are more ways to have dimension with more colors than just going blonde. Fashion shades are a great way to add beautiful dimension and create fun looks."

Availability: Tues-Sat 
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