The hair and lash design experience at Jem Hair studio is one of relaxation, customization and professionalism. With constant continuing education and advanced application methods, we're  dedicated to offering you unparalleled personalized  service. Our personalized service is designed to exceed your expectations every time. Visit us at Jem Hair studio to experience the difference. For more information and a description of the work below, just click on the image.

Service pricing is based on our starting price only, prices vary depending on each stylist. We are always more than happy to give more accurate price quotes so don’t hesitate to call or text us at (845) 256-0600.


Retouch- For our 4-6 week touch up’s.  $75+

Color balance- Refresh your color from regrowth to ends.  $110+

Partial lightening- $130+

Full lightening- $150+

(All techniques included in lightening pricing- traditional highlights, balayage and foilayage etc)


Natural Beaded Row and Invisible 

Beaded Row Certified Stylists. Both offering the most natural and lightweight extension experience. 

NBR initial visit $1500-$3500 +

NBR 4-6 week tightening $750-$1600+

IBE initial visit $950-$2100+

IBE 4-6 week tightening $300-650+

EHP Tape in initial visit -$300-$1200 

 (Depending on desired look and length)

Hair cuts

Detailed barber cuts -$25+

Intricate short-$45+

Precision bob-$45+

Shoulder length to long-$50+

Extra-long to thick -$55+

Other fun services


Imperial blow out -$30+

Weddings- Inquire within