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The hair experience at Jem Hair studio in New Paltz is one of relaxation, customization and professionalism. With constant continuing education and advanced application methods, we're dedicated to offering you unparalleled personalized  service. Our personalized service is designed to exceed your expectations every time. 

Pricing varies from stylist to stylist and could be more based on technical difficultly the haircut, length and thickness. Each team members pricing is based on level of expertise, experience, advanced training, and demand. Their pricing can change throughout the year.  We are always more than happy to give you a more accurate price quote, don’t hesitate to call or text us at (845) 256-0600. 

Color Services

We recommend a consultation for any color appointment for any guest who hasn't had their hair colored with us and for those who are looking for a big color change. If you book online you can expect a call or text from us asking for more information and to ensure we have appropriate time for the service booked. We will be asking for pictures of your current hair and desired look. You can always text us in  these photos in advance at 845-256-0600. 

 Please be sure to consult with your stylist for an accurate price.


A single process touch up is most often used to assist in covering grey while enhancing natural color. 

Color balance

Refreshes your color from regrowth to the ends. Commonly used for enhancing shades of brunettes and redheads  

Color pricing

Retouch- $90+

Color balance- $135+

Partial lightening- $185+

Full lightening- $275+

(All techniques included in lightening pricing- traditional highlights, balayage and foilayage etc)

Lightening services have many different names and typically our stylists will use the best method for your desired outcome. For the simplicity of booking we have included them under one category.

Extensions and hair loss solutions

We have SO much to share on this subject please click here for our dedicated extension page. We go into different options and their prices. 

We are the Hudson Valley's hair extension destination. 

Quick FYI: In most cases tape in hair extensions can be done within most existing regular cut and color appointments. These options are especially great for quickly adding volume and some length and/or hard to achieve colors.

Consultations are complimentary and key for choosing the perfect method for you and your lifestyle.

Lightening Services

Traditional highlights are meant to enhance the natural hair color. Great for adding dimensional looks in solid hair color or blending grey.

A hand-painted technique which creates soft lived in highlights, Balayage does not have the look of traditional highlights. This open-air process takes longer to achieve desired results and is best for very natural looks.


A hand painted technique used to create the look of balayage but applied in a foil. This technique will help achieve brighter and lighter blonde pieces. Often used for dark brunettes to achieve lighter pieces.

Very fine weaved highlights used to achieve a Multi-dimensional look in a soft manner. Completely changes the overall look of hair color. 

Vivid Color

Vivid color is a full head of semi-permanent color applied to the hair most commonly after one of the lightening services listed above. This is an additional color service. Please be sure to contact the front desk if you are interested in this service as the time it takes to apply, and how technical the vivid color placement is will determine time needed and price. Keep in mind that the nature of the vivid colors are temporary, and are not guaranteed to last.



Detailed Barber Cuts-$40

Haircuts, Include wash and style-$60+

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